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Zatpatloans.com is an innovative way to compile traditional loan procedure, and current generations demand for less time consuming, fast, reliable service in different loan segment. “Customer first” and “Customer obsession” has always been core pillar of our business model which reflects in our testimonial from our valuable customers.





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Our Team

Harish Jain Chief Executive Officer

Harish always loved playing with numbers and simplifying objective procedure to subjective, easy to under procedure with more concentration on automation. He has more than 10 years of experience working with different organizations across various sectors. He has pursued an MBA from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University and B.Com. from Gujarat University.

Prakash Jain Founder and Managing Director

Prakash has more than 15 years of experience in financial field. Starting with a humble beginning with MNC bank and growing his working relationship with more than 70 reputed banks and financial institutes. Under his leadership, he has created a unique rapport within our clients and customers base and have leveraged it to grew Zatpatloans.com.

Dhvani Patel

Dhvani Patel Managing Director

Dhvani Patel has experience of more than 7 years in financial field. Dhvani Patel is professionally B.com, LL.B from Gujarat University. She is looking for Marketing and Legal process from last 7 years. She is Experts in Communication and under her leadership she has served many customers with proper legal document guidance.

Nimisha Jain Director

Nimisha Jain is responsible for implementing company policies and any changes to it. She has been part of Zatpatloans.com leadership team since 2012 and represented the organization in many public events. She has completed B.A and M.A. from Gujarat University.


Know Us

Zatpatloans.com is an innovative way to compile traditional loan procedure, and current generations demand for less time consuming, fast, reliable service in different loan segment. “Customer first” and “Customer obsession” has always been core pillar of our business model which reflects in our testimonial from our valuable customers.

In 2005, Established as a loan service provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat we have shaped ourselves a well recognized, trusted brand in Ahmedabad and in Gujarat thanks to our pioneering way of providing best in class services. Our expertise in dealing with financial institutes and banks has made us a “must consider” place to visit before shopping for any type of loans.

Whether you looking for personal loan for wedding or renovation, study or any unexpected expenditure, shopping for the best available deal for your dream home, looking to expend your business, we are here to help you, keeping in mind, how it would felt to be in customer’s shoes.

How we are different from other E-Commerce portal?

Most ecommerce portal will provide you, quotes, information, and comparison about the available loans. You are their customer as long as you provide your information and then, that would pass on to financial institute as a lead in return for financial benefits. This will follow by endless follow-ups from representatives of those financial institutes who will try to lure you to procure one of their available loan options.

If we look at the customer’s prospective way, this does not blend in our motto of putting customer’s need first as it will be more time consuming, eventful and many a times customer won’t get the best possible deal and results.

In order to overcome those hassles, our unique blend of business model has groundbreaking structure wherein we have accommodated every aspect under one roof while dealing with our customer. Our unique team of skilled advisors have been trained to look after our customer’s requirement accordingly to their needs and resources, and provide suggestions if necessary.

All you have to do is fill in few details in query details or give a miss call to our toll free number and our advisor will call you back. A few minutes of your valuable time and you’ll have all information about best possible deals available in financial sector from all financial institutes. (Most ecommerce portal will only rely on the provided information. However, we understand that emotional element is also attached to your requirements)

You can make your choice instantly and our representative will guide you on further proceedings to make your loan procedure lighting fast. The collection of documents, approval and disbursement conceivably, can be completed in as quickly as 48 hours. And yes, it’s all free.

We do not intent to suggest specific product of definite financial institute or banks as this does not resembles our business model of being “Customer first”. Instead, our revenue resource assembles once the loan amount is disbursed to our customer. So, unless our customer needs are fulfilled we bound to be cashless. Our reward and promotional program is a distinctive way to built trust among our valuable customer.

Why Zatpat Loans is best for you?

1. Personalized Service – We only follow your profile and your requirement to well knowledge vendors who understand your profile and give you best.
2. Detailed Inquiry Form – We have prepared two types of inquiry form which helps you to take decision about your loan process. Our detailed application form submitted to our expert analyst and then result it within 24 hours. So you can easily know your eligibility, loan probability, and offers also.
3. Best Analyst – Zatpat loans has best analyst team which is highly educated, many years experienced and well knowledge of all bank policies. It helps you to platform your profile at right way.
4. Latest Offers – Zatpat loans updates immediately all new schemes running from all banks. So it is easy to choose best rate loan from all banks.
5. No consulting Charges – Zatpat loans itself and all vendors who are related to Zatpat loans do not take any consulting charges from customers.
6. Doorstep Services – Zatpat loans gives you doorstep services for all products from all banks. Vendor will come to you place from application to disbursement process. So it is easy to get best without investing time.
7. All Bank Offer At One Time – Every BANK and NBFC has different interest rate for different salary and profile. Zatpat loans give you the right platform where all bankers offer his best to particular profile. So it is for customer to select best option with best scheme.
8. Helpline – Zatpat loans has a customer care team and a virtual number who helps you take advice about loan and also help to increase your credit profile.
9. Stop Frauds – Some time customer are being part of fraud from vendors and of some executives. Zatpat loans give you surety of fraud free loans.
10. Guidance and Reconstruction – Highly qualified team helps to reconstruction of your financial. We give free guidance to our customer how to fill up IT return and how to manage business financials for creating a good banking profile.
11. Regular Financial and Loan updates – Current financial market updates and offer updating
12. Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager – A Long term loan with a long term relationship. Dedicated relationship manager to resolve your problem and providing you dedicated services
13. Refer and Earn Loyalty benefits – Loyalty cash benefits to existing customer by our Refer and Earn Loyalty cash bonus scheme
14. Availability on every social media platform – Easy connectivity by each and every social media platform for longer term relationship.
15. Query resolution by automated CRM system – Automated query resolution CRM system for your fast query resolution and transparency
16. Legal documentation Guidance and Services – Property legal clearance services and many more legal services at very affordable price

So, what are you waiting for just fill little information or give us a miss call and we are here to assist you and spread the smile.

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