mortgage loan in gujarat

Planning to get a mortgage loan in gujarat so that you can purchase the dream house of yours that you have been eyeing for years. We’ll don’t worry, we are here to help you with that thigh only. 

Mortgage loan is a type of loan which is generally taken by the borrowers to purchase their dream house. This is a type of secured loan. As the loan is secured against the house (or property) that you purchase. Which basically means that if you are unable to return back the loan amount. The house can be forfeited by the lender. 

But you don’t have to worry about that. As by getting the mortgage loan through Zatpat Loans. You will get a lot of added benefits that will help you in paying back your mortgage loan as easy as drinking a glass of water. 

Getting a mortgage loan in gujarat with the help of Zatpat Loans is very easy. You can just simply fill out the form below and then one of our executives will get in touch with you. Who will then help you in finding out the best suitable loan for you and will be with you throughout the process. He’ll always be there to help you. You can even get in touch with us at our registered office at 315, 3rd Floor, Tulsi Complex, Opp. Passport Office, Mithakhali Six Road, Ahmedabad – 380009 or by giving us a call at 8866706060. 

The best part about getting the loan with us is the seamless process. As we offer instant approval with the lowest interest rate in the market. So that you can enjoy getting your dream house as soon as possible. 

Benefits Of Getting Mortgage Loan In Gujarat

1) Affordable Homes

Mortgage loan in gujarat help in making the buying of homes easier for everyone. As the purchase of a house requires a huge amount of capital investment and making it one go is quite difficult for a lot of people. So by getting a mortgage loan it gets easier to purchase a house.

2) Lowest Interest Rate

The interest rate on the mortgage loan is the lowest in the market. Which makes it much more affordable as compared to personal loan (which a lot of people used to take to buy themselves a house). The reason being – the loan is secured against your property. Which is why the risk for the lender is quite less as compared to any other loans.

mortgage loan in gujarat benefits

3) Lender Offers

Different lenders offer different kinds of schemes from time to time to attract more house buyers. So if you keep an eye out for this. You might land yourself on a very lucky scheme.

4) Government Schemes

Not just the lenders. Even the government keeps releasing different kinds of schemes from time to time. To increase the awareness and attract more house buyers towards getting the mortgage loan in gujarat. One of the most famous schemes offered by the government is “Shared Ownership”. Where you can buy a part of the property if you are not interested in the whole property and the remaining property will be owned and managed by the local officials until and unless someone interested in the property buys it.

5) Easy EMIs

Easy EMIs are the one thigh that makes taking the mortgage loan in gujarat more affordable. As you can convert the whole amount into a small sum of money. Which you will be paying on the monthly basis over the years back to the lender. 

6) Repayment Tenure

Mortgage loans offer the longest repayment tenure going up to 30 years. Which makes it easier for the borrowers to pay back the loan. But the only drawback of increasing the repayment tenure is that it also increases your interest rate that you will be paying back to the lender. Which is why whenever you go for the mortgage loan in gujarat – everyone would suggest you to choose for the smallest repayment tenure according to your needs.

7) Co-Borrower

Mortgage loan offers you to add a co-borrower to your loan. It helps in increasing your chances to get a high amount sanctioned and if you add a woman as a co-borrower. You might even get some added benefits. Such as special interest rate benefits for the women. 

mortgage loan in gujarat

Calculate Your Mortgage Loan In Gujarat

Are you in doubt as to what is the best amount of mortgage loan. Well then we have a tool to help you with it. You can use our EMI Calculator to decide the amount of EMI that can be paid by you on the monthly basis. As the amount of EMI that you can pay back is the best way to decide the amount of loan that you should get as a mortgage loan.


Mortgage Loan In Gujarat Charges

Mortgage loans are quite different from every other kind of loan. Which is why the charges are quite different. So to help you with this we shared a list below with the charges that you will have to pay when you plan to get a mortgage loan. Be it with Zatpat loans or any other lender. The amount of charges can be different. But usually it is somewhat near to the amount mentioned below.  

  1. Processing fees for salaried individual – 0.5%
  2. Processing fees for self-employed individual – 1%
  3. Promotional interest for salaried individual – 8% for upto 40 Lakh
  4. Fixed interest rate for salaried individual – 9% to 10%
  5. Fixed interest rate for self-employed individual – 9.5% to 11.5%
  6. Floating interest rate for both – 14%
  7. Foreclosure fees – 3%
  8. Part-pre payment fees for fixed interest rate – 1%
  9. EMI bounce charges – Rs 1000 per bounce

Procedure To Apply For Mortgage Loan

While the procedure is simple, it differs from person to person. But we have broadly classified it into two categories: salaried individual and self-employed individual. So you can check out the details below for the category you fall in. 

Salaried Individual 

  1. Fill the form with all the required details such as personal, financial and employment details in the required places.
  2. Enter the amount of loan you plan to get and the repayment period. If you are unclear with what amount you should fill. Then feel free to use the EMI Calculator for the same. 
  3. After filling all the details, submit the form by paying the required fees. If you are applying under any offer then pay the fees accordingly. 
  4. Once done, one of our team representatives will get in touch with you and verify all the details submitted by you.
  5. The representative will update you on all the future processes and if anything will be required from your site. He will ask for it.
  6. If everything goes right. We will start with the transfer of the loan amount into your bank account.  

Self-Employed Individual

A self-employed individual has to follow all the steps of the salaried individual except you have to submit some of the different documents. Such as in place of employment details you will have to submit the profit and loss statement of the last 3 years. 

Contact US

Below are some of the methods through which you can get in touch with us

Contact Number:-  8866706060

Email:- [email protected]

Branch Address:-  315, 3rd Floor, Tulsi Complex, Opp. Passport Office, Mithakhali Six Road, Ahmedabad – 380009

Documents Required For Mortgage Loan

Fill up the application form.Fill up the application form.
Passport size photo.Passport size photo.
Proof of address – aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id, etc.Proof of address – aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id, etc.
Proof of identity – driving license, passport, etc.Proof of identity – driving license, passport, etc.
Education qualification documents.Education qualification documents.
Salary Slip.Financial documents.
Bank Statement of last 6 months. Bank Statement of last 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the mortgage loan in gujarat duration?

The duration of mortgage loan in gujarat is between 2 years to 30 years.

What is the mortgage loan in gujarat interest rate?

The interest rate on the mortgage loan in gujarat is between 9% to 12%.

Can we add a co-borrower in mortgage loan?

Yes, a co-borrower can be added in the mortgage loan.

What is the minimum salary for mortgage loan in gujarat?

The required minimum salary for mortgage loan in gujarat is Rs 20,000 with a credit score of 700 above.