Planning to get Loan Against Property in ahmedabad. So that you can fulfill your personal or professional goals. Then you are at the right place. As we’ll help you get a loan against property with quick approval. 

Loan against property is a secured loan as you have to keep a collateral to get it. Your loan amount will also depend on the property that you will keep as a collateral. The property can be commercial or a residential property. The only clause here is that it should be on the name of the borrower. 

So if you are planning to get a loan against property in ahmedabad. Then you can always get Zatpat Loans. You can get it by filling the form below or getting in touch with us at our registered office at 315, 3rd Floor, Tulsi Complex, Opp. Passport Office, Mithakali Six Road, Ahmedabad – 380009 or by giving us a call at 8866706060. You can even get in touch with us through email at [email protected]

Getting a loan against property in ahmedabad is very easy. As soon as you apply with Zatpat Loans. One of our loan consultants will get in touch with you and will help you get through the process and inform you about the documents that would be needed for the same.

The best part about getting a loan against property is that. You can use it for whatever purpose you need. There is no restriction as to what the sanctioned amount can be used for. It solely depends on you. So either you use it to purchase a new house, land, funds for your child’s education, funds for weddings or expand your business.The choice is yours and you can do whatever you want. 

When you get yourself a loan against property with zatpat loans. It not only makes the approval process easier. You can also choose through the long repayment durations, amazing offers on interest rate, offers on monthly emis, and much more. You have a vast variety of options available in front of you. So don’t wait. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you with everything.

loan against property in Ahmedabad benefits

Benefits Of Getting Loan Against Property In Ahmedabad

1) No-Restriction

There is no-restriction as to how you can use the loan amount. You can either use the loan amount to fulfill your personal gains, buy a house or land, or use it to expand your business, etc. You can use the amount to get whatever you need. 

2) Lowest Interest Rate

The interest rate on the approved loan amount is the lowest as compared to business or personal loan. The reason behind this is that you have to keep a property as a collateral. Due to which the loan becomes less riskier for the lender. Usually the interest rate can range from 9% to 12% as per RBI. But it differs from lender to lender. 

3) Easy Approval

The approval process for loan against property in ahmedabad is quite easy as compared to any other loan options available. The reason is the same as you keep a collateral of one of your owned properties. Also the approved amount will be the 60% of the current market value of the property that you decide to keep as a collateral.  

4) Easy EMI

Even in the loan against property you get the option of easy monthly EMIs. Which makes it easier for the borrower to return back the money to the lender. The emi depends on the repayment tenure and the amount that will be affordable by you. Usually lenders suggest borrowers to only have EMIs of 40% – 50% of their salary.

5) Repayment Tenure

You get longer repayment tenure. Which can range anything from 12 months to 30 years. But it is always suggested to choose the lowest repayment tenure. Which is affordable by you. The reason behind – the longer the repayment tenure. The higher the interest amount you will have to pay. Even if the interest rate is less. 

5) Co-Borrower

Even in loan against property you get the option to add a co-borrower. By adding a co-borrower you get the added benefit of using some extra discounts and schemes. It can even help you in getting approval for a larger sum of money. But keep in mind that it can affect you negatively as well. As the credit score of your co-borrower is also considered. So if he/she has a poor credit score/credit history then it can affect you negatively. 

Calculate Your Loan Against Property In Ahmedabad

Deciding on the amount of EMI that you can pay on the monthly basis is one of the best ways to decide as to how much loan amount is beneficial for you. So you can go to our EMI Calculator and decide your loan amount according to your needs. 

Loan Against Property Charges

Whenever you apply for a loan against property. Then there are different kinds of charges that are included in the whole process of getting the loan approved. Such as application charges, processing fees, interest rate on the borrowed amount, and few others.

These charges will differ from lender to lender. But today we are going to tell you about the Zatpat Loans. As they offer some of the best loans against property interest rates in the country. So checkout the list below for the type of interest and the amount applicable with it. 

  1. Processing fees for salaried individual – 1%
  2. Processing fees for self-employed individual – 1%
  3. Promotional interest for salaried individual – 8% for upto 30 Lakh
  4. Fixed interest rate for salaried individual – 9% to 10%
  5. Fixed interest rate for self-employed individual – 9.5% to 11.5%
  6. Floating interest rate for both – 15%
  7. Foreclosure fees – 2%
  8. Part-pre payment fees for fixed interest rate – 1%
  9. EMI bounce charges – Rs 2000 per bounce

Procedure To Apply For Loan Against Property

The procedure is quite simple but different for salaried and self employed individuals. Which is why we have categorised them below accordingly. 

Salaried Individual 

  1. You need to fill up the application form with all the personal, financial and employment details.
  2. All these details have to be filled up in the required sections marked in the application form.
  3. Use the EMI Calculator and determine the best emi and loan amount for you. Accordingly you can even ask the help of our representative in the respective matter.
  4. Then you need to fill up the details of the property that you are planning to keep as a collateral and provide all the required details of the same.
  5. Pay the required fees. If applying under any kind of offer, pay the fees as per the offer. 
  6. After this, one of our representatives will have a look over the details and get in touch with you to complete the remaining process and update you on the same. 
  7. Once all documents are completed. The team does their verification process and starts the process to get you the loan.

Self-Employed Individual

All the steps are the same except the required documents. Such as in place of employment details. The profit and loss statement is required for the past 3 years and a professional degree certificate. 

Contact US

Below are some of the methods through which you can get in touch with us

Contact Number:-  8866706060

Email:-  [email protected]

Branch Address:-  315, 3rd Floor, Tulsi Complex, Opp. Passport Office, Mithakali Six Road, Ahmedabad – 380009

Documents Required For Loan Against Property

We’ll classify this under two categories – salaried individual and self-employed individual 

Filled up loan application form.Filled up loan application form.
Passport size photograph.Passport size photograph.
Proof of identity – driving license, passport, etc.Proof of identity – driving license, passport, etc.
Proof of address – aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id, etc.Proof of address – aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id, etc.
Education qualification proof.Education qualification proof.
Pay SlipFinancial statement of last 3 years.
Form 16 by employer.ITR certificate of last 3 years.
Bank statement of last 6 months.Bank statement of last 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is the loan against property duration?

The loan against property duration is between 12 months to 30 years.

2) What is the loan against property interest rate?

The loan against property interest rate is between 7% to 12$.

3) Is there any restriction on the usage of loan against property?

No, there are no restrictions as such. You can use the sanction loan for your personal or business needs.

4) What is the minimum required salary for loan against property in ahmedabad?

The minimum required monthly salary for loan against property in ahmedabad is Rs 20,000. But mostly it depends on the property that you plan to keep collateral and your credit score.

5) What is the maximum amount of loan against property in ahmedabad that i can get?

The maximum loan against property in ahmedabad that you can can be anywhere beetween Rs 10 Lakh to Rs 4 crore*.