Home Loan In Gandhinagar

Deciding on to buy a home for your family. But don’t know how to go forward with it. Like how to get a home loan in gandhinagar or which bank/lender to approach to get yourself a loan.

Then don’t worry we are here for you. We are gonna explain to you how you can get yourself a dream house with the help of a home loan in gandhinagar.

So first let’s get started to know how home loans can benefit you in getting a home. 

Home Loan in Gandhinagar

1) Saves Rent

The price to rent a home has been skyrocketing every month. Nowadays a good home rent is equal to monthly emi’s of a home. Which is why it is always better to buy a home on EMI.

2) Longer Repayment Duration

Getting a home loan in gandhinagar to purchase a home gets a longer repayment duration. Which can go upto 30 years. That helps you in reducing the burden of monthly EMIs by extending the tenure. 

3) Get Your Dream House

Home loans has made it easier for everyone to get their dream house. By converting the huge amount into EMIs and choosing a repayment tenure according to their needs. Which can go upto 30 years.

4) Save Tax

Home loans help you in saving tax. As the government of India offers tax deduction on the principal as well as on the interest amount that you pay towards your home loan in gandhinagar. This has been done to encourage customers to buy their own homes. 

5) No Prepayment Charges

Such as other loans you don’t have to pay any kind of prepayment charges when you plan to repay the loan early. Which makes it more convenient for the customers to repay their home loan on time.

benefits of Home Loan In Gandhinagar

Documents Required 

  1. Proof of identity – Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport
  2. Proof of address – Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport
  3. Proof of income for salaried – Salary Slip, ITR
  4. Proof of income for self-employed – ITR of past 3 years
  5. Other Documents – There can be some extra documents required. It differs from bank to bank or lender to lender. 

Eligibility For Home Loan In Gandhinagar

Below is the eligibility criteria if you are planning to get yourself a home loan. 

  1. Indian Resident
  2. Age
  3. 3 Year ITR
  4. Good Credit Score (Normally above 750 preferred)

EMI Calculator For Home Loan In Gandhinagar

Thinking about how long should the EMI tenure. So that it matches with your budget. Well then here is our EMI Calculator. You can use this to determine your monthly EMIs and the repayment tenure as per your needs.