Loan Against Property In Rajkot

Stressed out due to your financial conditions. Need a loan to fulfil your personal or business goals. But it is taking very long to get the loan or there are high interest rates that are stopping you from getting the loan. 

Well then here we are at Zatpat Loans. Offering you loan against property in rajkot at the lowest interest rates and instant approvals. So that you can start fulfilling your dream goals.

Now if you are still in doubt as to how a loan against property in rajkot can help you fulfil your financial needs. Well then here we are some of the benefits that you get when you get yourself a loan against property.

Advantages Of Loan Against Property In Rajkot

1) Interest Rate

The interest rates on loan against property are quite lower as compared to other kinds of loans. As these loans are secured by your property and you get the chance to pay lower EMIs.  

2) Repayment Tenure

The best part about loan against property in rajkot is the repayment tenure. As they are generally longer than other kinds of loans. To give you an idea some lenders even offer it till 30 years. 

3) Ownership

Even if you take a loan against your property. You are still the owner of your property and get the loan as well. But it is not recommended to default on your EMIs. So that you don’t face any kind of hassles in the future. 

Eligibility For Loan Against Property In Rajkot

Eligibility For Loan Against Property In Rajkot

Whenever you plan to get a loan against property it is quite different for personal and business. So let us tell you about both.

Personal:- If you are a salaried individual you will need to provide your annual income and ITR with the property papers. According to which they decide the loan amount.

Business:- For businesses they have to provide a turnover document. So that lenders can decide on the loan amount. 

Documents Required

  1. Proof of identity – Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving licence
  2. Proof of address – any one of the above
  3. Proof of income – Salary Slip, ITR, business papers, turnover papers
  4. Property Documents
  5. There can be some extra documents required. It differs from bank to bank or lender to lender. 

EMI Calculator For Loan Against Property In Rajkot

Can’t decide on the tenure you should take the loan for. Well then here we present you the EMI calculator that can help you decide on the loan amount with the interest rate, emi according to the tenure you select.