how does mortgage loan works
28 Sep

Mortgage loans are a way of secured loans that are taken by the borrower whenever he plans to buy a home or a real estate property. But under this type of loan. The borrower has to keep the property as a collateral. So that in case the borrower fails to pay back the money. The property can be forfeited by the lender.

The borrower pays back the money to the lender in the form of monthly EMIs. The repayment tenure is also decided on the basis of EMI which a borrower decides on to pay on the monthly basis.

The smaller the EMIs the longer the duration period and higher the interest amount you would pay. Even at the initial stage of loan repayment. The maximum amount in your EMIs goes towards interest payment and as you move towards the end of repayment tenure. The more amount goes towards the principal amount.


  1. Mortgage loans are high value loans which go as high as Rs 4 crore. For a salaried individual it goes upto 2 crores and for self-employed individuals it goes up to Rs 4 crore.
  2. The interest rates are less as compared to any other kind of loans (such as personal loan and business loan). As you keep a collateral while getting the loan.
  3. The eligibility criteria are simple as compared to other kinds of loans. Different lenders have different criteria.
  4. You have the benefit of longer repayment duration. It can range anything from 2 years to 20 – 30 years depending on the lender you choose.
  5. Very few documents are required to get the loan approval.

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